The Artist's Garden

Photo by Nancy Wilcox

Photo by Nancy Wilcox

A bright turquoise gate with shades of sea and sky blue is your invitation into the garden. Quirky embellishments decorate the entrance and lend clues to what lies ahead in this eclectic garden.

Sherry came to West Seattle after the loss of her husband and a lifetime of gardening in California. She moved into her new home with two hunting dogs, a few large pots and a new gardening opportunity at hand.

Creating inviting garden spaces for people and dogs, yet adding interest and practicality for both, was an exciting challenge for this artist and former teacher. The front courtyard garden features a rich tapestry of hardscaping, garden art interwoven with the color and textures of fixed and movable plantings, and many elements found on the streets of West Seattle.

An espaliered apple anchors the north fence and a gravel path leads around the house to Sherry’s favorite place in the garden -- a deck with gently burbling water and a peek view of Puget Sound. A once struggling potted Japanese maple brought from California is now planted just beyond the deck and in Sherry’s telling, “is the star in my back yard.”  A wonderful mix of dwarf conifers, broadleaf shrubs, and two well-placed arborvitae soften the fences and deck. Meandering paths of mixed materials, colors, and textures are repeated here too with great success, creating a very inviting backyard garden that you won’t want to leave!

Wheelchair accessible.