It’s Personal 

Photo by Nancy Wilcox

Photo by Nancy Wilcox

An old house in need of a new life. A creative spirit who loves a project. A garden waiting to be created. All of these came together over two years, creating a highly personal home and garden on a generous corner lot.

The raised patio in front is a clever stand-in for a more traditional porch, allowing for ample plantings that will create privacy over time.

Enter the main garden through a side gate where several garden rooms present themselves – most notably, every gardener’s dream – a greenhouse sitting at the end of a small swath of grass. Charming and eclectic, Priscilla’s design includes windows recycled from the renovation and other salvaged materials. A cozy seating area to the right of the greenhouse features a grape arbor, potted citrus trees, raspberries, scarlet runner beans, and a view of the gardens and house. To the left of the greenhouse, find raised vegetable boxes, trellises for tomatoes, a plum tree, and an espaliered pear on the former garage.

Priscilla’s knack for design and ingenious use of unusual, give-it-a-second-life materials are evident throughout the garden. Notice birdhouses perched atop old porch columns, a rusty water pump, and an ancient wooden wheelbarrow.

A ‘retreat garden’ on the south side of the house is perfectly placed for a shady afternoon nap.

Only two years in the making, every aspect and plant is still a candidate for change. As Priscilla says, “this is a user garden, not ornamental or for show. I made it exactly how I like to use it and be in it; every space has purpose”.

Wheelchair accessible.