Small Grants. Big Impact.

Each year West Seattle Garden Tour, a 501(c)(3) organization, seeks out other non-profits whose goals fit our mission—to promote horticultural-based interests, educational projects, and arts programs—within West Seattle and neighboring communities. This year West Seattle Garden Tour has set its sights on raising $26,750 for seven local projects. Your purchase of garden tour and raffle tickets, along with the generous support of our sponsors, will make that goal possible. Our 2019 beneficiaries will be announced soon!

If you are interested in requesting a grant from the West Seattle Garden Tour, please note the change in policy and timeline. Application forms will be available on request through our Beneficiary Chair, Vivian Mizuta, beginning April 1. We will be accepting only 8-10 completed grant applications, on a first-come, first-served basis. Those applicants will be invited to present their organization's project at a committee meeting beginning in the fall. These limited application slots will fill quickly, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you can. Non-profits who receive a grant from the garden tour will not be eligible to apply the following year, to allow more organizations to compete for funds.

If you would like to make a donation so that we may provide even more funds to worthy non-profits, please do! Your donation is tax-deductible, and incredibly appreciated.

Here's who you helped us support last year.


Photo Courtesy of ArtsWest

ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery is a non-profit arts organization located in West Seattle with programs in theater, visual arts and education. ArtsWest is nationally renowned for its Theatre Education Program, and is one of only three arts organizations in the United States to receive three successive grants from the National Endowment for the Arts in support of the Summer School in the Arts program. Funds from West Seattle Garden Tour will support ArtsWest’s Theater Education Program, where students learn more than how to sing, dance, and act. They learn how to think creatively, take calculated risks and work as a team. 

West Seattle Garden Tour was originally founded in 1995 to fund ArtsWest. As the tour has evolved over the years to support a variety of community organizations promoting horticulture, education and the arts, ArtsWest remains as the tour’s legacy beneficiary. 

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Photo courtesy of Terre Shattuck

The Arboretum at South Seattle College, a five-acre botanical garden, serves students as a living laboratory, while providing an urban retreat for casual visitors and critical habitat for local wildlife. Over thirty years, the Arboretum has grown to include dozens of mature gardens created by the College’s horticulture instructors and students, including its treasured Coenosium Rock Garden, a popular American Conifer Society reference garden comprised of more than 300 unusual conifers. Located near the West Duwamish Greenbelt, the Arboretum at South Seattle College has become an important wildlife corridor for regional species. 

West Seattle Garden Tour funding will provide for the design and construction of a new message hub and kiosk at the Arboretum’s south entrance, creating a large, attractive presence to welcome visitors to the site. 

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Photo courtesy of Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden

Highline Botanical Garden Foundation’s mission is to manage and develop a community-owned garden based on a plant collection that demonstrates best horticulture and environmental practices, while creating beauty for public enjoyment. West Seattle Garden Tour funding will pay for the design and construction of a “Victory Garden” within a Neighborhood Heritage Garden. The Neighborhood Heritage Garden commemorates the neighborhood history of the houses that once existed on the property before SeaTac Airport’s runway expansion. Along with the Victory Garden, new interpretive signage will explain the concept of food rationing during World War II and the voluntary effort to raise food and share it with friends and neighbors as part of the War effort. 

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Photo courtesy of The Little Red Hen Project

The Little Red Hen Project provides the Delridge community with an opportunity to grow and maintain a backyard food source through a learning garden and classes at the Delridge Community Center. The project is a Growing Groceries Garden with King County Master Gardeners, growing produce with neighbors in the context of community-building. Unlike a traditional P-patch, garden assignment comes with one special caveat: a gardener will take on an intern to mentor in the art of urban farming. In addition, the garden is planned and organized as an urban farm, rather than individually owned plots. 

West Seattle Garden Tour will fund construction of an artistic and functional trellis in the “Winter Feast Garden” located at the heart of their recently expanded 4,800 square-foot garden space. This structure will bridge the gap between art and urban farming in the coming year. 

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Photo courtesy of PlantAmnesty

PlantAmnesty was founded in 1987 by arborist Cass Turnbull with the mission “to end the senseless torture and mutilation of trees and shrubs due to mal-pruning” by raising awareness, providing solutions, and engendering respect for plants. PlantAmnesty offers training, workshops, resources, referrals, (and a bit of humor!) to promote practices that ensure the health, beauty and longevity of plants and trees. PlantAmnesty also advocates for the preservation of Seattle’s urban plants and green space. 

West Seattle Garden Tour’s financial support will help fund the 10th annual Urban Forest Symposium which brings together arborists, land managers, planners, volunteers, and advocates from around the region. This year’s theme focuses on building effective partnerships for a healthy urban forest. Participants will learn to leverage their unique skills in coalition to accomplish shared goals of the broader Northwest horticultural community. 

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Photo courtesy of Seattle Chinese Garden

The Seattle Chinese Garden inspires exploration of nature and culture through a harmonious intermingling of landscape and traditional architecture in a secluded setting atop Puget Ridge. Seasonal festivals and cultural programs draw people of all ages and backgrounds from around the region. Annual peony and bamboo festivals showcase the horticulture of China, while offering family-friendly activities and engaging entertainment. The goldfish darting about the courtyard pool captivate the youngest visitors, and everyone is eager to visit Dragon Seeker—the huge bronze carp overlooking the tree peony garden. Year-round, West Seattle neighbors enjoy taking walks with family and friends to savor nature’s rejuvenating energy and serenity. Visitors also admire the graceful bamboo and diverse plants native to China, including a colorful hibiscus garden planted with a previous West Seattle Garden Tour grant. 

In 2018, West Seattle Garden Tour funding will enhance the Garden with three varieties of camellia shrubs—Camellia sinensis (the tea plant), spring blooming Camellia japonica, and late fall’s glorious red blossoms of Camellia sasanqua. 

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Photo by Gretchen Flickinger

The purpose of the West Seattle Junction Association is to develop, encourage, promote, and participate in activities that enhance a healthy economic, social and environmental climate for the West Seattle Junction community. West Seattle Garden Tour funding will help restore “The Mosquito Fleet” mural which is affixed to the historic Campbell Building in the Junction, bringing it back to its former glory. This mural is one of eleven murals originally created from 1989 to 1993 to provide a unique window on the Duwamish peninsula’s rich history and identity. 

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